ASD night

By Benji living in Brazil | More from Benji

I work on a “Board”. In the Family we have local boards that help to coordinate different aspects of Family life in each of the hundreds of cities where Family members reside. There’s the Family Education Department (or FED board), the Church Growth and Outreach board (or CGO board), and several others. I’m very happy to be a part of the JETT/Teen board (or JT board). JETTs are our Family nickname for preteens ages 11-through-13, while teens of course go all the way to 18 years.

Part of my work on the JT board in this area includes helping out with the “ASD” on Monday nights. ASD stands for Advanced Spiritual Dynamics, really just a fancy name for an evening of united Word time with the teens. We try to make it special, with music, skits, videos, and more. This last ASD was extra special because we held a small party of sorts with the teens in honor of one of our fellow board members who will no longer be working with us. One of the girls prepared a nice cake and we put music on and the teens had a nice time dancing and fellowshipping. We couldn’t go too late as everyone has to get home for a normal work day on Tuesday but we made the most of the little time we had and it was good.

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