More Ceasa Stories

By Benji living in Brazil | More from Benji

While at the Ceasa (large fruit and veggie open air market) we always make it a point to leave a “Reflections” with each one of the friends that donate veggies and fruits toward our work. We do this quite faithfully but the results are not always so obvious. I know that the Word we give out does have an effect, but I take that by faith for the most part as change is something that happens so gradually sometimes that you hardly notice it, sad to say. But this week as we went by one of our friends boxes (that’s what they call their shops!) he greeted us and said that last week’s Reflection had changed his life and that he was a completely different person. I wasn’t the one who had given him his Reflection last week, so I’m not sure which one it was, but it had something to do with stress and about how to deal with it. He said it had changed how he interacted with his family at home and with his employees as well, and now he wasn’t gruff with them and the like. Then he said he wanted to give us a hug! Just a little testimony of the power of the Word of God.

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