Kids’ Instruments

By Benji living in Brazil | More from Benji

I don’t know how interesting this will be for you, but it’s something important to me and so I’m posting it anyway. Thanks to the Lords unfailing suply I was able to get my kids, Mike and Larissa, an electric guitar and a keyboard, respectively. This has been one of my hearts’ desires for a long time now. My only prayer now is that they will apply themselves and make good progress as they learn to play them.

To make a long story short, getting these instruments may not seem like something too difficult, but these things can be quite expensive on this side of the world especially since I wanted to get them good quality equipment. But after much prayer I was able to acquire both instruments second hand in very good shape and the kids were super happy with them! The way I see it, is that if for some reason they end up not really learing the particular instrument, at least they had a good oportunity to. Where as if I don’t give them the chance to learn than they could be missing a good head start. Also in all this lays my own love for music. Maybe I can form a band with them someday. =D

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Lari & Mike

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