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By Benji living in Brazil | More from Benji

We asked each of the teens (about 45) here in Rio to make a portfolio for their Activated Incentive Program (AIP) witnessing. Something to make their witnessing presentation more… presentable. I was quite impressed with what they came up with. We had each one bring their portfolio and show it to everyone at ASD. For one it helps remind each of them how much they actually have accomplished for the Lord, the many different experiences they have had, and how talented they are. There’s something special about putting experiences down on paper. During the presentations they asked me where my portfolio was and I have to admit that it’s kind of outdated to say the least. So I got home and started looking for pics to put something together to present at the next ASD. I came up with some interesting stuff. I lived in Manaus (Amazonas) and Belen (far north) for about 2 years so I will post some of the pics one of these days just to give an idea of how things are out there.

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